SPE I-TECH » 2018 Turkey Section Paper Contest


The SPE Turkey Section Paper Contest winners(was held on June 22, 2018 at Petroleum &Natural Gas Engineering Department-İstanbul Technical University):

Undergraduate Division:

1st Place Appreciation: Egemen Enis Koçak– Dynamic Fracture Gradient Design Through Temperature Variations(İTÜ)

2nd Place Appreciation: Nabil Al-Hetari– Reservoir and Production Plan for an Offshore Gas Field (İTÜ)

3rd Place Appreciation: Cirillo Bonifacio– A study on Determining the Proper Location for an Observation Well for an Underground Gas Storage Reservoir (İTÜ)

Graduate Division:

1st Place Appreciation: Mohammad Salehian- Reservoir Characterization Using a Dynamic Capasitance-Resistive Model with Application to Shut-in and Horizontal Wells (İTÜ)

2nd Place Appreciation: Negar Zarepakzad- A Comparative Analysis and Rapid Performance Prediction of Polymer Flooding Process by Coupling Reservoir Simulation with Neural Networks (ODTÜ-KKTC)

3rd Place Appreciation: Sedat Erkal– Parameter Estimation Using Pressure and Temperature Transient Data from Interval Pressure Transient Test (İTÜ)




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